In this guide you will find some advices that may help you choose the right lingerie according to your own shape body.


  • You have a small breast ? The push-up bra is ideal for you!

As its name suggests, the push up bra push your breasts up and together.

This type of bra has an additional padding at bottom of cups to cretae fuller bust.


  • You have a medium size breast ? Choose the balconette bra !


Lucky you ! You can wear so many different types of bra.

The balconette bra is a type of demi cup bra.

The cuts are low and with horizontal lines along the top of the cups.

It produces a super lifting effect.


  • Full cup bra : Especially great for fuller busts !


A bra with comfort cups that completely cover the breasts offering a natural look, a good support and coverage.


Finally, don't forget to choose your bra according to your silhouette.

One of our fashion advisors can help you choose the right size and the right cup.

I hope these advices have been useful for you!