How to take care of your clothes ?

Cleaning your clothes

Nowadays it is possible to find clothes that are easy to maintain but it is necessary to take special care of them.

First of all, you need to read the care labels of your clothes.

- Sort your laundry

You must wash every group of clothes by separate.

Review cleaning instructions (temperature and spins per minute) for every group of laundry and group together delicate clothing. Separate your clothes into dark, white and colored groups.

- Washing powder 

Some items will need washing powder for delicate fabrics like sweaters. I suggest you to use this washing powder for your dresses, skirts and dress pants. As for the lingerie, do not use fabric softener or any other product that could damage your clothes.

- Choose your wash cycle

You can wash some of your clothes inside out in order to protect them, especially for printed fabrics or clothes with accessories like pearls. 

Select the cycle that applies to your group of clothes and fallow the cleaning instructions on the tags of your clothes.

- Spin drying

Some clothes will need special drying but it will be mentioned on the tags.

I always respect the rule of 600 spins per minute. It is a little bit longer but it will make your clothes look better and last longer.

Drying your Laundry

In my personal opinion, automatic dryer can only be used for household linen because it damages the fabrics and the colors of your clothes. That is why I suggest natural sunlight and air dry.

If you are using an automatic dryer for your laundry, be careful and select the appropriated dry cycle for your clothes. Automatic dryer is faster but harder on clothes.


This is a very delicate step. You should sort your clothing by material and by fabric type.

Delicate fabrics should not be ironed directly, use a damp cloth when ironing.

You can also turn delicate fabrics inside out prior to ironing.

Finally, cotton and polyester items can be spritz with water to get them damp.


I hope these advices have been useful for you! The machine wash was a major discovery for women… make a good use of it!