You have just invested  on a lovely piece of lingerie and you want to preserve it for a long time ?  Here some tips to take care of your lingerie...

First of all, you need to read the care labels on your lingerie.


You can hand wash or machine wash your lingerie. I personally prefer machine wash because it's easear and faster. Eather way, you need to take special care of them.

Machine wash

- The first step is to separate your lingerie by colors. Do not mix the dark colors with the light ones and do not mix your lingerie with your clothes.

- Use a white lingerie bag  to protect your items.

- Choose a short program for delicate fabric and make sure that the water is less than 30°C.

- Use gentle washing powder (without chlorine and perborate) and don't use fabric softener or any other product that can damaged the colors of your lingerie.

- The Ideal spinning  is 600 spins per minute (maximum)

- Once the wash cycle is over don't forget to dry your lingerie in open air (do not use the tumble dryer!)


Hand wash

- You need to separate colors as we did it for machine wash.

- Use gentle washing powder without fabric softener and be careful with the quantity.

- Run the water and make sure the water is less than 30 °C.

- Rinse your lingerie with warm water then cold water.

- Dry your lingerie on a towel to absorb the water.


I hope this tips have been useful for you and I wish you to wear our precious items for a very long time.