About us

23 years of passion and expertise

More than a simple company, Allande is a family success story.

In 1994, Philippe Lefebvre decides to buy a textile-manufacturing workshop in the little town of Le Dorat to produce feminine fine lingerie and to commercialize his collections under an innovative concept.

Allande became the first company offering luxury lingerie at accessible prices by selling direct to customers through home sales.

Philippe’s daughter, Catherine Lefebvre, heads the company’s design team. Taking inspiration from current trends and reflecting their passion for luxurious fabrics and attention to small details, this talented group lovingly designs each beautiful piece to enhance the female figure.


All our products are designed by our designers in France. We create luxury, modern and refined lingerie to make every single women feel beautiful.

Expansion into prêt-à-porter

In 2007, the company introduced a ready-to-wear clothing line, Tanaïs.

Two collections are presented each year by our fashion designers. Our creations are unique pieces that mix perfectly femininity and comfort.

A particular attention is paid to the selection of fabrics. We offer a wide variety of quality clothing adapted to all body shapes. Tanaïs represents the elegance and the uniqueness of the modern woman.

Allande International

Our expertise and “savoir-faire” with fine lingerie home sales extends beyond the borders of France. You can also find Allande in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Canada, United States and French overseas territories.

"De fil en aiguille" Allande