Become Hostess

Are you looking for an idea for a fun get-together with friends?

Organize an Allande or Tanaïs event in the comfort of your own home, spend an enjoyable time with friends and earn discounts on your own purchases.

How does it works ?

Our Professional Fashion Advisor will guide you through the process.

At your event she will offer individual advices to your guests and help them choose perfect lingerie set or outfit.


As hostess, you will receive 10% of the sales towards your own purchase (as long as a sales minimum 300 euros is achieved).

We know that once you have hosted one event, you are likely to want to host another... We want to reward that loyalty.

You can win extra discounts accumulating points in your personal card. Each event you organize gains you one point. Once you have collected a specific number of points you will receive a 50% discount on a lingerie set or clothing item.


Interessed in hosting an event and earning discounts ?

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